Greetings MAABC Members!
Join us Sunday, September 15th - Wednesday, September 18th for The Bible Emphasis Conference - Taking The Bible Seriously. Our guest preachers for the conference are Dr. Michael P. Williams, Pastor of The Genesis Church in Houston, TX and Dr. Jerome Ross, Pastor of Providence Park Baptist Church here in Richmond. Dr. Williams will preach at 11:00 am on Sunday and the conference will continue at 7:00 pm Monday thru Wednesday (Dinner at 5:30 pm).

We will explore the following: 

(1) Why is the Bible important to you? / What do you believe the Bible to be? 

(2) How does the Bible function for you? / How do you believe the Bible ought to function?

(3) What is in the Bible? How do you use what is in the Bible? 

(4) Who or what informs you as you read the Bible? 

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